The 7 Steps of Using Journey Mapping to Optimize CX

Posted by Ania Rodriguez |15 Dec 15 |

December 15, 2015

The term “journey mapping” emerged around 2009 when organizations began placing extra emphasis on making customer experience a key part of their strategic visions. It’s a savvy decision.

That’s because its essence, a journey map is a graphical representation of how customers interact with a brand. It accounts for every single touchpoint — whether it’s via email, mobile, desktop, or face-to-face interaction — and captures what users are thinking, doing, and feeling in real time.

The ability to create this snapshot of customers’ desires, needs, and reasons behind their interactions is integral to optimizing and streamlining the customer experience. When utilized correctly, a journey map will reveal users’ interests in a comprehensive, holistic manner.

Through journey mapping, organizations can discover gaps in their user interfaces and pinpoint what one could call “zero moments of…read more
By Ania Rodriguez