Only Paying Attention to Your Website and App? Your UX Probably Sucks

Posted by Jon Peterson |10 Sep 15 |

September 10, 2015

The experience your brand offers users is shaped by much more than your website and apps: policies, systems, and legacy technology can have as much or more impact on user experience. Despite this, optimizing these things is not always considered a part of the UX team’s responsibility. Too often UX is, at best, considering the user’s journey within the app/website, and at worst, simply “doing the wireframes.”

To put this in context, I want to share an experience of mine. A few months ago, I was flying to New York on one of the major airlines. This particular airline has long been a favorite of mine thanks in part to their better-looking apps and a (relatively) well-designed site (at least for an airline). Yet as this particular trip would prove, their UX still sucks.

After repeated delays, my flight from Minneapolis (the scheduled layover destination) was eventually canceled due to inclement weather on the East Coast,…read more
By Jon Peterson