Three Metaphors for Prototyping

Posted by Matt Yurdana |16 Sep 15 |

September 16, 2015

There are few things as tricky as a good prototype.

Prototyping is done with equal parts ambiguity, research, design, and courage, and enough technical know-how to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Some see prototyping as a “preliminary model”, something to tweak and get right (i.e. the materials, the code, the processes, etc.) before productizing or mass-producing. But I like to think of a prototype as a poem. Doubts and assertions and serendipity are all wrapped up in the making of a prototype. It’s a tangible question you pose to the world.

I’ve worked on a variety of software and hardware prototypes over the last 15 years, but I’ve been writing poems for more than 30 years. Write poems for that long and it doesn’t just color the way you see the world, it becomes a kind of framework, a reflex. I remember the first poem I wrote in college—not what it was about or how it sounded (I’m fairly certain it was…read more
By Matt Yurdana