Is It Time to Forget Big Data and Focus on Real People?

Posted by Maya Nix |21 Sep 15 |

September 21, 2015

Big data is all the rage. It’s discussed at heavily conventions all over the world and written about on blogs across industries. Big data is starting to look like an inevitable mechanism for doing business in the always-on, ever-connected, Internet-of-Things era that is upon us. Big data is here to guide our corporate decisions, save our business’ money, and direct our experience design initiatives in every way.

When it comes to UX, before we jump on the big data bandwagon, we need to challenge its predominance. UX professionals cannot create an experience for figures in a database or tracking systems, and designers must keep focusing on real people rather than on numbers. Online experiences must remain geared toward real users and their interests, goals, and desires.

What About the Numbers?

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By Maya Nix


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