Touch-Free Interactions as an Innovative Approach to Audience Engagement

Posted by Oleh Hasoshyn, Mike Chalyi |28 Jul 15 |

July 28, 2015

Human-computer interaction via human machine interface (HMI)—using touch-sensing devices, such as keyboards, buttons, sliders and touchpads—is something we have been accustomed to since the beginning of the computer era. Today, touch-free technologies are gaining more and more attention, taking user experience to a completely new level of engagement. Thanks to Microsoft Kinect and Apple motion coprocessors, touchless interaction through body gesture recognition has been introduced into multiple industries, bringing in a fresh perspective on the human–computer interaction paradigm and resulting in productive ideas and unique user experiences.

Everything Begins with an Idea

Natural User Interface (NUI) models allow users to interact with a device through actions that are natural, intuitive and common to everyday human behavior. Powered by Kinect sensors, user interfaces can react…read more
By Oleh Hasoshyn, Mike Chalyi