3 Things that Will Change Experience Design in 2015

Posted by Saul Gurdus |29 Jan 15 |

January 29, 2015

If 2014 was dubbed the “year of the customer” then 2015 is surely the “year of experience.” Here are three key trends that will reshape the corporate landscape in the year to come (and beyond).

1. Power Has Shifted to Consumers and Their Experience Matters

Many forces have collided to make this a reality. Over-rotating on cost cutting and offshoring caused a backlash and consumers are demanding better experiences. A generational force has driven the consumerization of IT with new workers entering the market that expect and demand the same quality of experiences they get everyday from their beloved consumer products and services. Today’s social networks have absolutely put consumers in the driver’s seat and their experience expectations are only rising.

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By Saul Gurdus