QuickPanel: Insight at Scale

Posted by Steve Portigal |25 Mar 15 |

March 25, 2015

Understanding enterprise “users” means observing and learning from people who are extremely distributed and specialized. Many—from CIOs to purchasing agents to call center reps—aren’t end users. At the same time, the enterprise may be hosting an abundance of diffuse, distributed data about these people. That’s why “insight at scale” is one of the upcoming Enterprise UX 2015 conference’s four main themes.

As the theme’s leader, I interviewed my three speakers—Kelly Goto, Chris Chapo, and Christian Rohrer—to get their take on how to do the right research and synthesize research results in enterprise settings.

The UX world struggles conceptually but still defaults to the word “user.” How does the notion of “user” shift in an enterprise context (and have you got a better word)?

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By Steve Portigal