Coming to Terms with Intangible Design

Posted by Thomas Wendt |21 Mar 15 |

March 21, 2015

“To apply a phenomenological approach to design is to focus at the dual question of how design, as a medium of meaning formation, both relates to and possibly changes the constituents of experience.”—Mads Nygaard Folkmann

My interest in phenomenology dates back about a decade. I was introduced to the field as an undergraduate and thought it was an interesting way of thinking about big, lofty questions like “what does it mean to be?” It wasn’t until a few years later, after becoming involved experience design that I returned to phenomenology as a way of understanding the work I do. Aside from the big, lofty questions, we can read phenomenology as the study of human experience. So if we interpret experience design literally as the design of experiences, then we can use phenomenology to inform the intellectual background necessary for the evolution of the discipline.

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By Thomas Wendt