4 Techniques of Successful UX Executives

Posted by Tracey Lovejoy, Gayna Williams |24 Mar 15 |

March 24, 2015

Designer Marcela is feeling like a failure. She’s been iterating on a design for the last three months. She and her team did up-front research. They mocked up multiple directions, tested them in an agile environment, and have come to a point of being confident of their design direction.

She just presented the direction to her engineering partners and they dismissed it all. She countered and showed how other directions diminished the user experience. She fought the good fight, yet at the end of the meeting the decision was made to stay with the previous direction, meaning nothing she has been working on will ship. She is dejected. She is angry.

Is this scenario at all familiar?

As UX professionals we’re hired for our training and expertise in creating elegant and simple-to-…read more
By Tracey Lovejoy, Gayna Williams