The 7 Rules of Caring for Junior UX Designers

Posted by Yael Levey |21 May 15 |

May 21, 2015

From start-ups to big business to agencies, everyone has had their own unique pleasures and pitfalls when it comes to handling the more junior members on the UX team.

A stark memory I have as a junior experience designer (JUXD) at a London-based digital agency was being treated like I had absolutely nothing of value to contribute. One definite low was being asked to add a box to a wireframe—my only job all week! That particular stint sent my confidence to rock bottom and it took me a long time to build back up again in a more supportive environment.

Unfortunately, it seems that it’s a consistent truth that there are many lead and senior UX designers who have no idea how to care for their junior designers, as well as many JUXD’s who feel unfulfilled and stifled in their current role.

We need to do a better job of educating our seniors about how to care for more…read more
By Yael Levey