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Security and usablity go hand in hand

Posted by |09 Nov 15 |

Robert Lemos from TechBeacon has written an excellent article on the tradeoff between security and usability: Security and usability go hand in hand: 5 tips to get the development mix right.

I’m obviously biased because he spent a lot…

CNN video: Why emotion is an important part of design

Posted by |20 May 15 |

CNN filmed me talking about Emotional Design. Then they pieced together a 3 1/3 minute video of me wandering about, tugging at my beard, and uttering sound bites.…

Design with humans in mind: Interview in APS Observer

Posted by |02 Jun 15 |

Mariko Hewer of the Association for Psychological Science interviewed me and wrote a nice discussion of the role that psychology should be playing in design. Too much of psychological research is abstract and over-specialized, that when …

Fast Company article about the evils of email

Posted by |20 Jun 15 |

John Pavlus, a writer and filmmaker focusing on science, tech, and design topics, interviewed me for an article he was writing for Fast Company. It is now published with the endearing title “How Email Became The Most Reviled Communicatio…

Complessità vs confusione (Domus Academy Interview)

Posted by |02 Jul 15 |

I recently took part in the 10th Anniversary celebration of Maria Grazia Mattei’s “Meet the Media Guru” program based in Milan, Italy (I was her guest in 2010).  As part of the celebration, I presented a talk in Milan and was interv…

Apple’s products are getting harder to use because they ignore principles of design.

Posted by |10 Aug 15 |

I was once proud to be at Apple, proud of Apple’s reputation of advancing ease of use and understanding. Alas, these attributes are fast disappearing from their products in favor of pretty looks, or as designers call it “styling.” A jour…